Hover Mom

This motion picture is coming to cinema in 2032. This unusual long production time is due to the fact that there is actually just one person working on it (+ some friends at times). Nevertheless we are optimistic that the movie will be released before real hoverbikes are sold and everyone’s mom is cruising the streets. If you are distributor and interested in a long term relationship please get in touch!

Teaser Trailer

Promo Pics

BeautyShot_A_v01 (00000) BeautyShot_C_v02.0000 (00000) BeautyShot_D_v03.0000 (00000)poster_A_v06


hover mom trailer (00987)hover mom trailer (00890)

Friendly contributors

Assen Semov designed and modeled the hoverbike
Steven Schwalbe and Steve Patuta from Nine O’Clock Music did sound design
“They stole a million” by Damnwell
“Funkywim – Symphonic Black Metal Song: Chiptune/8-bit version” by Funkywim is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Rita Metzer and Nik Neumetzler designed and modeled the characters
Matilde Archer did most of the character animation
Moritz Mayerhofer created a dachshund and supported in every other aspect
Rigged, animated, rendered, written and directed by Daniel Wichterich


Done in 3dsMax and rigged with LH Autorig. Rendered with Corona Trial Version on this dusty computer during nighttime.

About the maker

Daniel Wichterich is someone living in Berlin. He does commissioned works for money and indie animation projects for sanity’s sake. Since 2012 he and his mates from studioNICE are pushing the limits of no-budget-guerilla-animation-film-making.


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